College vs Outside (Tweet String)

From my Twitter Stream that I wrote today.

  1. Its already been my 1 year out of college, and I am more and more convinced that college was huge waste of time.
  2. Main goal of college is to get you jobs. And Jobs are too limiting, and risk-averse. Jobs create mediocrity. Especially in large organisations.
  3. My degree is entirely useless if all I want to do write software. My degree actually makes it harder to get software jobs.
  4. One Important thing I learnt in College was Differentiating Signal from Noise. Since colleges have a lot of Noise.
  5. College/Jobs put you in totally fucked up position. And quiting any one of them feels so wrong that most people will never do that.
  6. I want to spend entire this year to make some alternative revenue streams, different from jobs and stuff such that not having a job won’t be a problem.
  7. I have considered freelancing, but its exactly like a job. You do stuff for other people for money.
  8. I tried stock markets and domain-name sales already. Returns on time are totally worthless in both of them. Like you could spend years without making a dime.

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My Favorite Tweets II

Me too, But I am bit slow.

– Surely, I can explain ‘this’.

Sad Server Rules.

Being an Introvert is hard.

My Favorite Tweets I

Will Learn some React this month.

David Walsh Puts it nicely.

– Aaron, Just before the Rails Conf

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