My Favourite Tweets III

This time the list is very small, since I was doing something Important last two weeks.

Polymer 1.0 is released.

And Polymer is fast.

BTW, he’s homebrew’s author.

Happens a lot when you spell a lot of things wrong.

I agree that React is awesome.

When your server thinks you’re drunk but you’re not.

Always happens on the friday.


Reddit, this might be it.

Recently, Reddit banned some of subreddits(eg. /r/fatpeoplehate) that they considered as harmful/distasteful/demeaning to some kind of people. I don’t agree with what eveyone says on Reddit, but I think they should be able to say it.

Aaron Swartz, one of the cofounders of Reddit, was one of the proponents of Free Speech on the Internet. And for some time, Reddit did used to stand for Free Speech, time when Facebook was creating a Walled Garden of its own.

I used to love Reddit, It used to truly a place to say whatever you wanted to say. Currently, its new CEO and friends are trying to make it a more advertiser-friendly place. So they are eager to cut-off its ugly parts, the parts that made it a truly free speech place on Internet.

Join /r/PaoMustResign/ to fight against censorship on Reddit. We should either save Reddit or join

Quora Fails. (Tweet String)

I used to be a prominent reader on quora, Sometimes I even answered or asked questions. But All that seems like a distant past to me. I think Quora has failed to keep Noise Lower than Signal.

This is my tweet String on Quora.

  1. Rule No 1 on : Don’t Follow people. Follow Topics.
  2. Rule No 2 on : Whatever you do to clean your feed, its will always feel like 90% of spam.
  3. Rule No 3 on : You can’t get rid of Questions like “What does Thomas Cormen think about pirated copies of his books?”.

College vs Outside (Tweet String)

From my Twitter Stream that I wrote today.

  1. Its already been my 1 year out of college, and I am more and more convinced that college was huge waste of time.
  2. Main goal of college is to get you jobs. And Jobs are too limiting, and risk-averse. Jobs create mediocrity. Especially in large organisations.
  3. My degree is entirely useless if all I want to do write software. My degree actually makes it harder to get software jobs.
  4. One Important thing I learnt in College was Differentiating Signal from Noise. Since colleges have a lot of Noise.
  5. College/Jobs put you in totally fucked up position. And quiting any one of them feels so wrong that most people will never do that.
  6. I want to spend entire this year to make some alternative revenue streams, different from jobs and stuff such that not having a job won’t be a problem.
  7. I have considered freelancing, but its exactly like a job. You do stuff for other people for money.
  8. I tried stock markets and domain-name sales already. Returns on time are totally worthless in both of them. Like you could spend years without making a dime.

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My Favorite Tweets II

Me too, But I am bit slow.

– Surely, I can explain ‘this’.

Sad Server Rules.

Being an Introvert is hard.